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Cateva comenzi pentru lucrul cu DB MySQL
SHOW DATABASES; - lista bazelor de date existente SHOW TABLES [FROM database]; - lista tabelelor dintr-o baza de date SHOW GRANTS FOR user [FROM database]; - privilegiile unui utilizator asupra unei baze de date SHOW VARIABLES; - valorile tuturor variabilelor SHOW [FULL] PROCESSLIST; - statistica proceselor mysqld SHOW STATUS; - toata statistica disponibila
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htop is free (GPL) ncurses-based process viewer, that is similar to top, but allows to scroll the list vertically and horizontally to see all processes and their full command lines,supports mouse operation, it has color and is highly configurable. (very good tool for monitoring a computer remotely, through ssh, if need arises).
random link: - articole despre sistemele *BSD
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